IMG_9693Some days there seems to be someone tapping you on the shoulder just to reminder you of what is important?  Maybe you have had a day that you get the big deal through but then seeing your son walk for the first time and the “big deal” just is not that big a deal anymore?

Yesterday I had a day just like that!

It felt like I was in a movie, where the plot unfolded through the day. Like any good stories it started like any other ordinary day .

It was the last day of school holidays, I’m home with my two young sons(10 and 12), just munching around. Playing Xbox, shooting hoops ,reading and jumping on the trampoline.

Just a very normal last days of school holidays where two brothers are sick of each other and seem to annoy the crap out of each other for entertainment.

Then a delivery truck arrives out the front. We all head out to greet the driver. All very excited because I was expecting a “very special delivery”.

My first book arrives from the printer “Balance,”How to make your business and family life work together”.  Balance by Robert James  A long-term goal is completed. ” Yes, I am now a published author. 

We cut open the first box. It is a very surreal experience to actually see your actual printed copy of your own book published. Fun and terrifying at the same time, like skydiving. Once you jump out of the plane there is no turning back, same thing once you are published then your true self is well and truly out there.

I present my young sons with the first copy. We do a photo shoot on the front verandah. Send a copy of the photos to friends and family. It is fun sharing this milestone with my two youngest sons. I am very proud of the book. Excitement done we head back into the house for lunch.

Then I get a call from my 22-year-old daughter ,Nadine. 7 years ago , Nadine had received a life saving heart transplant. The transplant had gone great with only minor issues that were dealt as they had arisen. Today she was having her 6 monthly check up at Prince Charles Hospital with the transplant unit. This was a very routine part of our life .

Nadine tells me that she is feeling ill in her stomach and has been sick. The doctors are concerned that her bloods aren’t right. They plan to put her in hospital to investigate the cause and place her on antibiotics by intravenous.

All transplant recipients are on immune suppressant medication to control the possible rejection risks. So, the dangers then are the every day infections and viruses that the immune systems usually controls in all of us. A transplant recipient can’t be complacent with infections or viruses.


Prince Charles

Prince Charles Hospital,the home of the Heart Transplant Unit in Queensland .

Every time I have to return to Prince Charles Hospital it feels very strange.

It feels welcoming, like when you return home after a holiday away, But also scary like a haunted house. This building is where ,we as a family, faced some of the most terrifying moments but also some of the greatest miracles of our lives.

With the guidance of the staff , we got Nadine through the transplant and on with life. But the ghosts are still in the hallways. I remember everything and as I walk through the hospital I still feel it.  The days of despair  and sheer joy. I recall how the canteen became an escape from the pressure of the Hospital ward.

Fortunately , on this trip Nadine is released after 3 days. The antibiotics do their job and she is given a clean bill of health.

This is not over, it is never really over. You don’t win ,the best result is survival. This disease is still “haunting” our family. It is genetic condition , my sons has the condiction and there is a chance that his kids can get it. Not certainly how or if it will affect any of them either.

I guess I have learned to live in the here and now.  We all have to make a definite decision on how we spend our days. The urgent can gets in front of the truly important each day. Take the time to be present and be in the moment is the key.  Take the time to actively work on the management of the balance and you will get there.


Decide what is important and what isn’t important to you.Then do it.

“Some times you can look out the same window and see a total different view.” Some people think the latest Mercedes or the fully mortgaged Waterfront house or the $25,000 spent on their teeth to give you that “perfect smile” is what life is about? I think they could be missing the point. Take the time to decide for yourself.


Some Days, you reach a lifelong goal of holding the copy of your own book , but you finish the day at your daughter’s hospital bedside.

Maybe you need a day like mine to help to get the balance right?

Robert James

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