5 keys to Maintaining a Healthy Family/Work-life Balance

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September 15, 2017
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September 22, 2017

The Keys to Maintaining life balance

#1 Find Your Own True North

When you get a good handle on what is important to you, it gives you clarity in your decision-making process; with the big decisions and the little, daily ones. Like a compass on a ship at sea, even when you can’t see the shore, it will guide you to keep you on your course. Take the time to get this clear in your mind and that of your life partner. Hopefully, you share the same “True North”. If not, it’s probably time to sit down and talk about it.


#2 Take Responsibility to Actively Stay on Course

 The key relationships in our life are the areas that have the most impact on you. Evaluate whether or not you are investing the right ratio of your time. This is an ever-changing ratio:

Remember, Your parent’s still need you and you still need them. As they age the roles will reverse, if you are fortunate enough to have parents live into old age. You will find them in the position to need you in a different way.

If you have a VIP life partner, then invest daily in communicating to keep you both heading on the same course. Without open, honest communication you won’t both stay on the same course.

Key relationships include the people in your work environment. These are commercial relationships and understand that no matter how great the relationships are with work colleagues, it is still based on a “financial arrangement.” Employees will take the better job offer or your boss could lay you off next month, without giving it a second thought.

If something in your life is out of balance, take action today. Sometimes it is huge action like emigrating to Australia or just telling your partner what you are really thinking and feeling? Maybe not staying the extra hour at work.


 #3 Don’t Carrying the Past Forward

 When the “Emotional Storm” hits, the danger is learning the wrong lesson. Stuff happens to all families. It is not fair; the world is not fair. Bad things happen to good people all the time. For some, it becomes a weight they carry forward.  The weight of the sadness can be a lifelong burden, or it can be a lesson to appreciate the moment and the people around you.

People in your life are going to do the “wrong thing” by you. People close to you may “break your heart.” A stranger may take someone or something of great value away from you. It may be wrong and totally unjustified.

When you ‘hold on’ to a grudge, no matter how justified, you are effectively holding on to a person too.  I prefer to live my life free of the people and circumstances that cause me grief, and to be happy in each and every moment.


#4 Quickly Adapting to the Changes

When the “weather” changes, you do need to recalibrate and readjust. We can get caught up in the external changes in our world. Our world is changing on all levels

Social media changes the way we perceive this world as well; people living their lives in a virtual world. Having the most “likes” and how many Facebook friends you have seem to be distracting us all from the real world.

We now even see tribute pages for people who have passed away. I do often wonder if in 10 years will we be doing “Facebook Live” at our funerals. Are we going to value people’s lives by how many followers, likes, comments, or shares they had? The real key, I think, is to quickly adapt to the changes while managing to stay true to your own direction.


 #5 Hanging in There and Staying Focused on the Long-term

The race is long and in the end, it is only with yourself. The challenge of “getting it right” when balancing the family and business life struggle is a work in progress. If you keep working on it then you will progress. When you get it right, you will be living the life you’ve always dreamed of. For more on this subject read the best selling: Fit For Purpose