5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Start Your Own Business.

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July 25, 2017
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August 25, 2017


Always wanted to start your own business? Dreamed of being your own boss?  But everyone is telling why you shouldn’t go into your own business? Maybe you just need one good reason to have ago?

I have 5 great reasons why you should start your own business. I have worked in my own businesses since I was 21. The range has been diverse, horse trainer, car cleaner, home services franchisor, mobile coffee franchisor, author and business coach.

At every step, there have been people telling me that wouldn’t work or you shouldn’t dream is big or that won’t happen. Many of these people have been “acclaimed experts” in their fields or family members or my ex-Spouse.

I am here to tell you for every reason someone tells you don’t do it ,there are just as many reasons to JUST DO IT,(Nike are right)


#1 Don’t Die Not Knowing.


Don’t let the Sun go down without knowing

If you don’t try ,you will always have to live with not knowing if you could have made it happen.

The what if’s could haunt you forever. Maybe you could have started the next “Apple”or “google” or a business that helped lots of customers and gave your family a quality of life you could only dreamed of as an employee?

It is true that most small businesses fail, but not all of them. Even if you do fail ,learn my it,move on and try again.


All you need is to have is a vision, passion, determination and be brave enough to give it your all.

Win,lose or draw you will know you gave it a true go.

Don’t let the sun go down on your story and not knowing that you gave your best shot.



#2 Never have to be worried about being sacked or laid off .

I have been involved in the recruitment of 1000’s of franchisees over the years. Many take the chance and become their own boss because they have been “sacked or laid off”. But many employees live in fear that their job will not be their next week.  Many jobs are vanishing so there is an element of true in the fear.

Once you are your own boss. The only person who can “sack you”, is you. Now remember that your clients or customers still have an impact on your livelihood, No clients ,no business. If you look after them,you will look after you.


#3 Pride of Providing for Your Family.


Nothing more rewarding than Providing for your Family

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you built a business that gave your family a great life. Family business should be run for the family. They should provider for the family life.

Many business owners can lose tack of that and put the business over the family. This dos not have to be the case. Please read BALANCE:How to Make Your Business and Family Work Together.

There is a true sense of achievement in knowing that you made it happen.

#4 You Will Have Skill are Life

Once you know how to make a business work , you will always know how to make a business work.

My awesome Dad,(now 86 years of age) was always been self-employed. He NEVER had a boss his whole life. Started his first trucking business at the age of 16. He drove his truck carting coal in the coal fields of the Hunter Valley,NSW,Aus.

He had countless businesses throughout his life. He would just start a new business and make a quip out of that,the same way he did out of the last business. To this day his “hobby’ is making a dollar. He does a deal with his mates that are farmers and sells your produce on the back of his truck on the side of the road. watermelons and Hay depending on the season.



“There will be seasons within your life! Me and my Dad, John James, with my 2 youngest sons

My Dad,John, told me to 2 great truths.

“Never worry about money, there is always more out there. It is not that hard. Get something others want and sell that to them.”


“There will be seasons within your life! You will have to reinvent what you do for a living. Learn from the past and move on to the next season. It maybe even better”

He is so wise and pragmatic bloke. Once you learn the life skill, then keep developing it. Embrace the next season with enthusiasm.

Once you know how to build a business, you are set for life.



5) Make a Real Difference in Your World.

For me I don’t want to waste my time I have. I want to make an impact. Over 20 years, I have helped countless home services clients to get more time with their families. Our family business, James Home Services, taught 1000s of franchisees how to run their successful businesses to support their families. All these business owners made a difference to their world.

Over the years we all supported many different charities. If you make it give it away to your worthy cause. I strongly recommend that you from alliances with like-minded individuals.

I have personally been honored to be invited to join a group of world-class leaders by the name of “Leadership Gigs’. The group is 90 members strong, over 4 continents and all share a passion to make a difference in our world.  I was privileged to be a member of this elite group who coauthor “Fit For Purpose”.

Fit For Purpose:18 business leaders share their highest-value advice on health, mindset, social, meaning and purpose, best-practice and emerging trends

The proceed will go to The Princes Trust” Prince Trust   , who do great work helping disadvantaged young people,11 to 30, to get were they want to be.

When your own success business. You have  a tool that has the ability to influence the world around you. Your business and you can make a difference.

Remember , Future favours the brave. Be brave!


If you need more practical advice ,help or direction on getting your business flying, contact the Balance Team.  Drop us a line.


Robert James


Author “Balance’ and coauthor “Fit For Purpose

Balance Enterprises.