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August 25, 2017
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Do you want to start your own home service business? Are you running a home service business but want to take it to the next level? Want to know how to guarantee the next level of service to your clients?

Over the last 25 years we have coached over 2000 home services franchisees to deliver professional home services. The systems we built in James Home Services, were based on a strong foundation of practical principles which put the customers needs first.

We grow from my one man band car cleaning business to a nation brand of 400 franchisees servicing $20 million each year. These 5 key rules are the base foundations that we built our professional home service culture on.


These 5 key rules are the base foundations that we built our professional James Home Service culture on.

These rules have been proven over many service  business for over 25 years. House cleaning, lawn and garden care, car cleaning or detailing, pet grooming or dog washing, windows cleaning , carpet cleaning ,exterior house cleaning , ironing service even mobile coffee vans have all been built successfully using these 5 key rules.


1) Return the Call Within 15 minutes.

I know that you maybe busy cleaning a car ,washing a dog, mowing a lawn , cleaning a house or spraying the cockroaches. Believe me the cockroaches can wait and the lawn isn’t going to grow that much in the 15 minutes it takes to return the call to the new client.

Don’t let today’s “work” get in the way of tomorrows income.

The quick response will deal with the clients needs as they are available to talk to you. The first service provider who returns the call with have a most likely get the quote. The client wants to talk to you now, that is why they rang now!

Be a professional with your telephones procedures.Communicate effectively ,stay focused and receptive. Create the right impression.

Book a time in to do a quote.

Never quote over the phone, The client who thinks their house is filthy is very often the clean freak and the one that can’t see the dirt is the grub. 

How clean the house is or how dirty the car is: is only a matter of opinion.

You have to see it, to get your own true evaluation.


2) Always Do a Written Quote.

A written quote is the only way you can guarantee that you and your clients have the same understanding of the services you will deliver. Make sure you are on the same page. Find out your clients want or need.

The more detail in your quote the better value your quote appears.It demonstrates the attention to detail that is the true point of difference between quality service providers and the also rans.

9 times out of 10 when there is a client compliant there will be no written quote. The problems are usually a communication problem that the service provider doing a slack job.

3) Build Rapport with Your Customers.

Take the time to build rapport. Your client has to be comfortable with dealing with your They are trusting you in their home environment, they have to be comfortable with you.

Don’t talk to much, you don’t need to know about your lasted illness or the bad day you are having. It is not their problem and frankly they don’t give a damn, my dear.

4)  Turn Up On Time.


This sounds too simple.

But The home service industry is full of Part timers who just don’t show unless it suits they.

I had a mowing bloke who vanished for 4 months over the winter period with not a mention.Then just turned up without warning and mowed the lawn. He then explained that he goes on caravan holidays at that time every year to see his family. That sounds lovely for him, not so good for my lawn.

Book the next job one from this to the next, alternately give your client a booked in spot each week. A professional service provider should be building a strong regular client base. Filling up your business diary is your goal. The consistency gives your clients confidence in the reliability of you service.

5) Always Deliver the Promise

Do what you say you will do. If you are marketing as a professional service, it is vital to always maintain that high professional standards.

Delivering the promise covers how you present yourself and staff. Uniforms clean and tidy on all staff members.

Attitudes towards your clients should always be positive and friendly. If you get a compliant then deal with it in the same manner. I have seen great franchisees turn a compliant into a life time client and then others turn minor complaints into legal battles.

Take pride in the services you deliver, It will be reflected to your clients. They will be happy to pay you as their service provider.

Happy clients will also supply you with a never-ending referrals .

If you buy into the concept of these base principles you can build a successful business very quickly. These are proven rules that have been used successfully for 20 years.

Franchisees from many walks of life built great businesses that feed their families and gave them the lifestyles many only dreamed of.

If you want to learn How to make your business and family life work together, take the time to read. BALANCE: By Robert James.



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Robert James  Author : Balance