Are You a Workaholic or Just Too Scared to Stop Running?

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August 18, 2017
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Are you currently battling with effectively balancing your family and business life? Are you working when you should be with your family? Maybe you are struggling with changes to your business and family life balance? Maybe you lay awake at night “freaking out” from nightmares about what may happen to your business if you don’t go into the office on Saturday?
Do you break out in a sweat whenever a friend simply raises the subject that perhaps, you should consider changing your work pattern? Or, perhaps your partner makes plans to go out to dinner and a show, but you are always too late at work?

If the above describes you, you just might have a problem that needs to be addressed.


There are 2 very different drivers behind these behaviors:

1) The Workaholic

Women Workaholic

Workaholic: A person who compulsively works excessively hard.

2) The Just Too Scared to Stop Running


Firstly, what is a workaholic? The definition – “A person who compulsively works excessively hard and long hours”. How do you know if you are a workaholic? Basically, you are working compulsively. You take your business phone on your dinner date, and check it every 10 minutes. Your mind is always on your business. It’s all you talk about – you LOVE to talk about your business and work to anyone who will listen. You love your business, sometimes it seems you love it more than anyone or anything else.

But the real key, the rest of your life is consistently taking second fiddle to your business.

Secondly, there is the person who is just too scared to stop running. What does this mean? Like a little mouse on a treadmill, you feel like you can’t stop doing what you are doing. This is a fear driven behavior. You are the driver in the business, it is your brainchild. There are many people relying on you to do what you do. Not only is your whole family relying on you to bring home the bacon, your staff and their families are relying on you too! Not to mention, your staff could make huge mistakes which you will end up paying for, if you are not there to give them guidance. All your clients rely on you to make them happy. Actually, your staff also relies on you to make the happy. Now that you mention it, your whole family relies on you to make them happy as well.


You feel that if you stop, the whole world will totally implode.

For the pressures on your time to change, you do need to accept that change is the answer to releasing that pressure. If you don’t really want it to change, then it won’t. Your reality is your reality, and your personal habits are only habits. They do have value to you, work can be an escape from home. It you are too fearful to accept the need for change, then it will never eventuate. To get the balance right, you have to look at what is holding you back.
The Workaholic is addicted to buzz of the business. If you have become engulfed in the adrenaline buzz of making it happen. Everything in your life plays second fiddle. This could be you?
The Just Too Scared to Stop Running is driven by a fear of failure. If you can’t sleep at night because you are terrified your business world will implode if you take a day off. Do you feel like a slave to the business? Are you hiding behind the “work” can be easier than dealing with the real issues that are scarier?
How do you deal with either issue?


#1 Identify there is a problem.
#2 Decide where you want to head.(Either way)
#3 Then put first things first.
#4 Focus on your long-term goals, “What are you long term trying to achieve?”
#5 Make a Definite Decide to change what needs to change.
#6 Then take constant action towards what you want to achieve.

Decide on where you want to end up. Then just do it.

The urgent daily demands will at times certainly be a distraction from the long direction. Stay true to your path and direct yourself back towards your goals.
Stop the free fall and decide to stick to your program. You will magically end up where you want to be. Always remember to not give yourself too hard a time if you wonder of the course every now and then.


The race is long and in the end, it is only with yourself. The challenge of “getting it right” when balancing the family and business life struggle is a work in progress. If you keep working on it then you will progress.

When you get it right, you will be living the life you’ve always dreamed of living. If you want to learn How to make your business and family life work together, take the time to read. BALANCE: By Robert James.

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Robert James