Dealing with Resistance In Your Own Camp.

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December 17, 2017
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Dealing with resistance within your own camp

Are you struggling with dealing with resistance within your own family or business?


Are you struggling with dealing with resistance within your own family or business? Does it feel that the people who should be supporting you are the one’s placing problems in the way of your success?

One of the biggest challenges that you will face in getting to make your business and family dreams a reality are within your own camp. The family, employees and friends who have a direct or indirect connection to your business, family and yourself.

The strange thing is that the people who are motivated to make it all a reality are the same people who have the most power to block your ability to make logical, pragmatic decisions needed to make it so.

We do need to be prepared to deal with the most likely areas of “resistance from within your own camp”

In the early days, you may find yourself “Working Overtime” to make it all happen. Your drive will very likely is the energy hat will build the momentum that will take the business to the next level. Family members may not like you working with you should be with them.  This one is quite straight forward to deal with.

It is called “Negotiation”. First are they right? Are you letting the work invade your relationship? If they are right. See if you can renegotiate the work dairy, put your VIP in your life in first. Sometimes you may have to put focus on a business outcome. If so reinvest time into your personal “VIPS”. Take a week day off or a special lunch or make time.  do the deal give your “VIPs the time they desire. If you are systematic having this problem checkout the chapters on Workaholic. If someone you love wants your time, this sounds like a first world problem, as they say?


One of the most disappointing areas of resistant can come from “Family and Friends” who have their own dreams but aren’t doing anything about making them come too reality. Your Siblings, Cousins, Uncle Fred (Knows everything about everything) or your father in-law who was worked at Telstra for 20 years and hated every day of it.

Most people think it takes luck to be success in business, they will say how lucky you are to be living this exciting life as a business owner.  We, your Brothers & Sisters in Family Business know you made your luck.  know but they are also sitting there hoping you will “Crash and burn “to justify their own failure to be brave enough to have a true and proper go at it.’ I know this may sound too simple, just ignore them. Their opinions only have power if you give it to them. You can’t persuade them to change their attitude to living. They can have their opinion, but you can also decide if you take them on. If you want these people un your life agrees to disagree, and talk about the footy or the latest reality TV show.


The resistant you may face is from the family if you are giving up an established income form a job. For business that are already up and running this doesn’t come into the scheme of things, but at different levels of growth, cash flow can be put under pressure and you personally may have to take a “Pay cut’. If your business has value this should be very short term.

I have coached a lot of first time business owners, the first thing they are terrified of is not paying the bills. If this is still you, then work out what your personal breakeven is. Then work out of are you daily sales targets are to reach that income. Then go to work each day making the sales. The business should be held accountable to feed the family very early in the journey.


If you are getting resistant from business partners or employees to the growth plan then there are two areas of likely issues. Are you selling the dream to them? If you are unclear then the dream for them will be uncertain. Uncertainty creates fear with many people. You may give to address your own abilities to sell your idea’s. Get some coaching and education to develop your sale ability to a higher level.

The other angle is hey have a different or their own agenda for the business. Sell the dream, but if this is an employee is still resistant, make it clear it is your business and your vision, they can leave tomorrow.

For a business partner it is different, you must be on the same page or go and write separate books. Maybe again you must negotiate the “plan” to be consistent with both partner’s goals. If this can’t be done? Well shake hands, do a deal and go your different ways.


Accept there will be resistance from areas within your own camp. Resistance creates strength. Instead of taking it personally, use it as an opportunity to develop your leadership skills. Understand those around you need reassurance to deal with their concerns.

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Robert James, Franchisor Coach and consultant.Best selling Author