How can we help you?

We at Balance Enterprises offer a wide range of resources and skills that are vital to long term success of your business. We also understand the practical issues that come in to play in a family business. There can be an emotional charge on many issues when family members are involved in your business. The same emotion that drives a business to the top level can also be put pressures on the family members.


Every professional team needs a professional coach. We have coaching programs that suit business owners on very level. If you are planning to start a Gardening business from scratch or even investigating a purchasing a service franchise, we have on coaches that can lead you through the process.

Maybe you already have a medium sized business that you want to expand to a national or international level. We have elite coaches that can observe and consult to make that a reality.


Education is the key to get you the business of your dreams. We have online programs for a start-up business. We can design a personal one on one program or a system to educate your whole team.

If you need a keynote speaker our people have a wide range of backgrounds and can deliver a presentation for your meeting or function. Education starts from the top down and we believe an investment in the business owner is the best long term investment in the business. .


There are limited opportunities for more senior consultancy roles for your senior coaches. If your business is expanding to the national or international level you many require to “sub” the hands-on experience of an elite coach to guaranteed the success of your business into those new frontiers.


Are you dealing with conflict in your business? If you are dealing with family members the conflict can be emotionally draining. We can do a round table conference to help resolve these conflicts.

Alternatively, maybe a business relationship that is creating a conflict. If you are a franchisee or franchisor that are that loggerheads. A business partnership that has come to an end and issues need to be finalised.

With your long history, we can help franchisees on how to effectively “negotiate’ a more favourable result with the huge expense of lawyer