Surviving Life’s Emotional Storms.

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November 30, 2017
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January 10, 2018

Surviving Life’s Emotional Storms.

Surviving Life’s Emotional Storms.

Are you facing a major life challenge? It could be health issues for a family members or yourself? It could be financial pressure? Do you feel like the “Emotional Storm” has engulfed you and you can’t see a way through it?

The greatest challenges you are going to face when balancing your business and your family are the things you never see coming. No matter how well you plan, evaluate and prepare, there are some challenges that will catch you completely off guard. At any given time, you can be hit by a ‘storm’ that turns your world upside down in a single moment.

In my 25 years as a franchisor, I helped many families deal with countless emotional storms that put unimaginable stress and hardship on their families. Oftentimes the emotional storms threatened to destroy their businesses. The list of storms has included death of a partner, life-threatening illness, mental illness, loss of a child, financial pressures, attempted suicide, suicide and divorce. When an emotional storm hits it takes you off track. You need to be aware that your judgement has probably become clouded. Beware of your opinions and trust your systems – they will not let you down.

I truly hope you are fortunate enough to never have to deal with any of these emotional storms, that you will never see them sweep through your family, business and life. I personally never dreamt of the impact that these events could have on me personally. I always thought they only happened to other people.

Getting to the other side

The answer is always the same to get to the other side: go back to the framework that got you where you are in the first place. Get up, dust yourself off and just keep at it.

For many people their default system during an emotional storm can instinctively be destructive. I had a very dear friend who, after years of struggling with a drug addiction, finally beat it and got her life in order. But the terrifying default reaction for her when things in her life didn’t go as planned was to head back to Sydney and the drug use, with the same people she had deliberately avoided. Others will start drinking heavily, others eat excessively, and many just do nothing, paralysed by the situation. None of these patterns is going to get you to the other side. The key is to trust the systems and frameworks that got you where you are today. Don’t overthink it, just do it.

Building your proven systems during a period when your thinking is logical and pragmatic ensures that they will work when you need them. The framework really is the same even when your life is in upheaval – you just need to get back on the program. When a storm hits, your opinion becomes clouded. It is not based on fact or clear knowledge. Ride the storm out no matter how long it takes. Only when the emotional turmoil has passed do you regroup and get back to building.

Relying on your strong foundations

When you are hit by a storm you will be very grateful that you laid those strong foundations. Those definite decisions you made when your mind was clear are still the best ones. It is very true that your perspective of the world and long-term direction may have to be re-evaluated. But, when you are in the storm, refrain from making any major decisions outside of your systems, if you can. Slow your game down and default to what your systems tell you to do.

The investments you made in your systems and your Pro Team can pay off during such times. With your Pro Team already in place using proven systems, you can be sure autopilot will kick in. A Pro Team can allow you to be partially – or even totally — absent if needed. I ran my whole business from the side of my daughter’s bed in the heart transplant unit at the hospital. Technology allowed me to still communicate with my team across the country. The systems and Pro Team were in place. They were solid, and could still make it happen, even though I could not drive the daily needs of the business. Your systems should be foundations for the whole culture of your business. Everyone should have confidence in your systems and their ability to pull you through any storm. These systems will be the way you regain your balance for your business, your family and yourself when, or if, you ever get hit by an emotional storm.

These storms can create huge damage to all those who go through them. Sometimes the main goal will be just to survive and get yourself to the other side. If you, your family and business get through the storm, there is always time to refocus on your journey, make new definite decisions, build more systems if needed, keep building that Pro Team, and get back to making it real.

To quote American country music singer Rodney Atkins:

If you are going through hell, keep on going, don’t slow down, and if you’re scared don’t show, you might get out before the devil even knows you’re there.

Remember this too will pass. If you need help to suvive the “Emotional Storm” reach out and there is always a way to get to the other side . Balance: How to Make Your Business and family Life Work Together.




Robert James, Franchisor Coach and consultant. Best Selling Author